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Knitting has long been considered antiquated, something for grandmas and whipped little housewives. That just isn't true. Knitting is one of those minute to learn, lifetime to master deals, and I'm in it for the long haul.



I am going to be a model for Lexie Barnes bags! The day after Halloween I sat down to send her an email with pictures of me in costume (I dressed as two prints from her bags) and I saw an email from her in my inbox with the subject line "New Catalog". I thought it was just going to be information about new bags, but she was asking me to be a part of her ad campaign. I'm nervous and excited of course and trying really hard to lay off the junk food, but diets and I just don't get along. The shoot is on the 18th and the ads will run next some of my favorite magazines, no doubt, eep!

In other news, Eric has stuck with the knitting! I suprised him with a really good closeout (some Jaeger Chamonix) and he is cranking away on a scarf.

He didn't want it to look too perfect, so I taught him how to make "holes" (not eyelets, too ladylike) and now it's looking like a more manly version of this scarf, which fits, because I'm pretty sure he'd leave me in a heartbeat for Scarlett, and I wouldn't even be that angry. Girl is a fox!
UPDATE: Boy wanted to add color. Not just any color. INTARSIA BLOCKS OF COLOR. This is so in line with other stories I've heard about ballsy dudes just jumping right into knitting, and I'm so inspired. Oh, and he also knit the entire time I was at yoga (2 hours!) and gave himself a sore neck =]

I've been having a really fun time obsessing over the purchase of beads for a sweater I won't really get to start (without massive guilt) for a long while. I changed my original choice (Rowanspun 4ply in Rumtoft) to Frog Tree Alpaca Sport Weight in a camel color, and then I played around with lots of different bead colors. Finally, I changed to this color of 4ply, Reed, and bought a whole heck of a lot of copper colored beads to match the flecks.

Hope your Sunday was wonderful,



Blogger Cari said...

Yeah...that was a damn good secret. How cool is that?! Congrats. Have fun!

7:35 PM  
Blogger amylovie said...

How wonderful for you Cirilia! You are going to sell bags for her like wildfire.


9:11 AM  
Blogger Spark said...

way to go eric :-) it's looking good!

p.s. winter knitty's up! and it's good!

12:43 PM  

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