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Puesta del Sol

I ordered the yellow shoes! Eep! Since my first yellow shoe lust was sold out, I specified a back-up choice at Remix. Thing is, I'm going to be walking a lot this summer. To and from work (back at Webs!) and around that...not We once wore pedometers and were blown away at how many miles we all logged in a single day. I've actually got a bunch of sturdy looking sandals coming (along with a new incarnation of my favorite Hepburn-y go-to, the black ballet flat (currently Crocs Primas). The Primas are pretty great, but they can be embarrassingly squeaky and a little sad. I mean, even if it's fancy rubber, I'm still wearing rubber shoes. I can hear people think to themselves, "Jellies are okay for 8 year olds, but geez..." Still, they're bouncy and fun to wear. And, a friend of mine spilled soup on my foot the other day and I just rinsed it off! Anyhow, I'll be trying on and send back as needed. I hate shoe shopping any other way, Zappos rules.

Anyhow, shoes--I momentarily feel guilty for how much I spend on them BUT, here is my reasoning--I have BAD feet, painful shoes can ruin your day, since I don't own a car I can consider shoes to be a transportation cost (tires for my feet!), I spend woefully little on my wardrobe...uh...they cheer me up when I look down...

Okay, that's enough of that. One of my main reasons I'm so excited about the Remix Shoes is that I have a new dressing goal. After seeing Pan's Labyrinth I decided that I really needed to wear more: leather satchels, tweed, utilitarian aprons, shawls, Mary Janes with socks and dresses. Oh, and a little knife hidden in my skirt's waistband! The best accessory. (Mom, if you haven't seen this yet, we're watching it together in June!!)

Thanks for all the awesome comments about my dress idea! I don't really intend to over dye it unless I look truly appalling in that much yellow but I will certainly be dunking these swatches into a dye bath out of pure curiosity! Swatching normally doesn't happen this swiftly but now that I've 'leaked' my idea I felt compelled to get going! First up, some simple eyelets, which I imagine would form an empire waist:

Could thread a ribbon through it, but that might be too twee for me:

This is the wrong side (flash is on, heightened orangeness!), which is the right side for the Eiffel Tower eyelets right above ribbon eyelets. I don't know, they remind me of getting a run in one's tights...not exactly a look I want to emulate. Blocking didn't straighten them out at all. Blocking didn't help my drunken attempt at Dayflower, either! Why did I save the hardest for last again? I was a goner after the last minute of The Office and the lace suffered. I blame John Krasinski completely!

In case you haven't had enough yellow for today, here is an update of my travel project, my April/May Project Spectrum sock:

If you can call that an's on zeros and I'm actually leaving it at home when I head to the library. Simultaneous read-knit days are pretty much over for this semester. I love how perfectly variegated it's knitting up, it's veddy pretty. I should be working on my Sock Pal socks, but my order from Little Knits is lost in the ether, apparently...

I'll leave you with a tease, a project that has come out of hibernation and will actually come in handy during some of the chilly thunderstorms we've been having lately.

More soon,


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Blogger pamela wynne said...

OH! I wondered what the yellow swatch was for when I saw it on Flickr -- I spaced on the dress. I wonder if a black or dark brown ribbon would be less cutesy? Or even a matching yellow one that would help with shaping but not stand out as A Ribbon? Did Pan's Labyrinth come out on DVD? Best movie I saw this year.

9:02 AM  
Blogger Alison said...

Hi, delurking here--fabulous blog.

Have you tried Earth shoes? I have Heaven in orange from Zappos and I will probably buy another color. They made my feet miserable the first two times I wore them in NYC (I tried breaking them in the weekend before I left), but I walked all over Europe for two weeks without a single blister. Warning: I had to stop and pick rocks, gravel, and sand out of my shoes quite often. I haven't had that problem at home because I'm more likely to step on glass than sand or gravel. The leather strap for Heaven also stretches out a lot so go a half size smaller.

Nice way to justify the shoes :).

7:19 PM  
Blogger honeybrown5 said...

I LOVE THE SHOES--in fact the "saddle shoe/wedge" was my favorite in the 70's. Yarns, clothes, bags in Ochre/yellows seem to be leaping out and catching my attention these days. So---non-primary. Pan's Labyrinth is a go...we can rent it for $1, no kidding at the Red Box at the local grocery store.

I love the yellow dress....i've been mooning over items that are similar-----lacy, soft and delicate. Can't wait to see the finished garment. Your little sister is Penguin crazy these days---"Happy Feet"---sings all the songs and taps around the room. The other day she sat down and drew a sweater idea with sectional black and white sleeves, fr and bk, strips to the hips in the same. ** I showed her a hip sweater in Vogue. I've named her design "Penguin Jacket and perhaps I'll rename it after a specific type of penguin if we add "color sections" to it. I'd like to make it for her.
Hope you finished the "papers". I start class tomorrow, via computer...but it's ON! Love, mom

11:24 AM  
Blogger tiffany... said...

ha ha... i just read your comment...
i'm so glad you didn't say something because that wasn't me! i've been home sewing all day and cleaning my bathroom and making mega chili.

i am now on a quest for some cute comfortable stylish shoes for the summer...
once i get them we'll have to sport our fashionable feet around town!

(i, still, have yet to see pan's labyrinth)
next time i come to webs and you're there i'll introduce myself... i'll be the girl standing there with my mouth open hoping kathy will bring me back to reality... it always happens.

7:22 PM  
Blogger jenny said...

those yellow shoes you got are freaking awesome! now I'M jealous.

i also was obsessed with the fashion in pan's labrynth. i loved that movie. the whole time i was thinking "i wish i dressed like that".

and the yellow dress you're knitting looks so beautiful. can't wait to see what it turns into.

9:51 PM  
Blogger jenny said...

sorry, i swear this is my last comment. do you and tiffany know each other? and do you both live in boston? i'm going to boston this summer for my cousin's wedding. the three of us should get together one night and have a jerri blank contest.

9:53 PM  
Blogger Val said...

I'm up for MA Sheep & Wool, especially since I missed the tent sale. I just hope it's not too hard to get out of town because of residual commencement visitors. Did I ever e-mail you my phone #?

6:41 AM  

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