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Knitting has long been considered antiquated, something for grandmas and whipped little housewives. That just isn't true. Knitting is one of those minute to learn, lifetime to master deals, and I'm in it for the long haul.



Thank you so much for all your lovely comments about the hat! 100% of the praise belongs to Kathy for writing such a flattering pattern--NOT easy to do when it comes to hats, esp. berets.

I'm down in the D.C. area visiting my mother and sister. Ever since I reformatted my laptop I've been having a load of trouble getting online, it's incredibly frusturating and I even threw a tantrum when Eric the Electrical Engineer couldn't counsel me over the phone on how to fix it. Guilty of the sexist assumption that all hot geeks know how to fix any computer problem I might have? Yes *hangs head in shame*. Lately everyone I know has been loving their new Macbooks, and after many snide remarks about rampant Apple lust I have to admit I've finally started considering one.

I finally started my Sock Pal's socks, and it's really the only project I brought (lie: I also brought a ball of Trekking just in case!) so I'm hoping to be done very quickly. The pattern is sort of a secret, I'm test knitting for someone! My pal will have mega-exclusive, mega-pretty socks!

Besides Knit Happens (been there a million times) are there any D.C. area yarn stores I need to check out?



Blogger Danielle said...

I *heart* my new MacBook. Love, love, love it!! I was at the airport this morning with a businessman friend with a Dell laptop. We both got our computers out and turned them on at the same time. Soon, I read him something from my email and he said "you're online already? My Dell is still looking for a wireless signal!" Allegedly, I bought the computer for grad school, but I love it just for fun too :)

12:07 PM  
Blogger Lee said...

I am finally delurking to let you know that I have been an admirer of your knitting skills and designs for a while now! Also, I wanted to let you know about DC-area yarn stores: Stitch DC (there's one in Georgetown, Capitol Hill and a very small store on Connecticut towards the Maryland line), Springwater Fiber Workshop in Alexandria (one of my favorites) and Woolwinders (in Rockville). These are all great stores with Springwater and Knit Happens being two of my favorites.

Enjoy DC! Lee

12:54 PM  
Blogger I smell yarn. said...

About the super-secret, mega-exclusive pattern: can you email me a link to the technique for it, since I'm also test knitting for the same person?

2:49 PM  
Blogger sturdygirl said...

I second the comment about Stitch DC - the Eastern Market store is huge, but the Georgetown store has basically all the same stuff and you might be going there anyway. They are super nice - esp. Marie the owner and Jessica who is at the G'town store. Also Springwater is great. I've been to all the other DC area stores but *sadly* wouldn't recommend them. Have fun!

8:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

once you go mac you never go back.

really. do it. you won't be disappointed.

9:57 PM  
Blogger amy said...

Been to the Capital Hill Stitch DC and really liked it. They have nice samples and the clerk was super friendly (printed out a free pattern for me on the spot).

5:51 AM  
Blogger Gudrun Johnston said...

Have fun in DC husband and I are also considering a macbook and after reading these comments I'm convinced we should do it (he gets a free laptop with his new job)!

8:34 AM  
Blogger Jessica said...

Cirilia, I received the eco yarn the other day in the mail. Thanks for destashing, now...what to knit up with it!

10:30 AM  
Blogger I smell yarn. said...

I dropped your name at Salon Herdis a couple days ago! They gave me a really nice haircut.

12:44 PM  
Blogger hesira said...

We went to DC about a month ago for vacation and had a blast. I went to grad school there and haven't been back since I graduated. It was nice to be a tourist instead of a student.

I'll add to the praises of Macs. After fighting with our expensive new PC for months, we finally gave up and converted. We love our Macs. I have a notebook & DH has his desktop, and they NEVER break down or act funny.

PS: I know you from the Enid KAL.

2:56 PM  

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